2021 is off to a great start!

We are now accepting applications for Summer Work & Travel USA 2021 are now open, and Winter 2021 will open later this year. Do you know what the application process is like when signing up for Work & Travel USA? Here is a useful step-by-step guide for you:


  1. Eligibility Verification & Registration

Contact us via email or WhatsApp one of our Infinity Abroad programme advisors to confirm your eligibility. then, you can proceed to register for Work & Travel USA by submitting a registration pack issued to you via email.


  1. Choose your Job

Once jobs are announced, you can browse through our available updates and choose your preferred employer. Depending on the job you choose, you may be required to complete an online application first to profile your skills, experiences, interest, education information.


  1. Skype/In-person Interview

After reserving your job choice, you will attend an interview conducted by the Visa Sponsor and/or the host employer. Interviews are either conducted virtually online, or occasionally in-person in Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Job Offer & Employment Paperwork

Once you passed your interview(s), you will be issued a formal job offer indicating acceptance to work at your employer of choice. We will then guide you through your remaining hiring paperwork and programme fee payments.


  1. Orientation Briefing

You will be required to attend an Orientation Briefing, either in person or virtually. The purpose of Orientation is to brief you comprehensively on the aspects of your programme, including your Visa application & interview procedure, opening a US bank account, applying for Social Security Number, arrival transportation arrangements, and so on.


  1. Visa Application & Interview

You will then apply online for your US J-1 visa. After submitting your online visa application, we will assist in scheduling your visa interview appointment at the American Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. Most visas are approved on the spot and you will receive your passport and visa back within 3 working days.


  1. Book your flight and you’re ready to go!

Book your flight online or through our designated travel expert agency, then you’re good to go!


Now that you know all the steps, are you ready to get started? Learn more about the programme here, and once you’re ready, SIGN UP NOW!