Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

  • Why should I choose Infinity Abroad?

    Infinity Abroad offers exciting Work & Tracel USA Programs, made available at minimal time and cost hassle to you.

    Infinity Abroad provides comprehensive, flexible services to manage your participation process, in order to free up your time to cope with your busy university schedule, and achieve the ultimate goal of enjoying your experience abroad, without having to worry about the housekeeping.

    Our highly qualified international co-operators are individually assigned to personally oversee your journey with us from the start to the end. They are equipped with the knowledge and expertise necessary to assist and advise you regarding any aspects of your Program.

    Therefore, be assured that your lifetime adventure is in safe hands, with Infinity Abroad.

  • What is the Work & Travel Program?

    The Work & Travel USA program offers university/college students and fresh graduates the opportunity to work in the United States and gain valuable international work experience while earning money to cover expenses. Participants may work for a maximum 4 months in the summer, spring or winter and will be rewarded extra 30 days to travel everywhere across the United States.

  • How can I participate in the Work & Travel Program?

    You must be sponsored by one of the State Department’s designated sponsors through Infinity Abroad which authorized to conduct Work & Travel program in the United States. A qualified sponsor will issue you the mandatory legal documents in order to apply for the visa in the U.S. Embassy.

  • How do I apply?

    Simply fill out an Information Request Form to start the application process. A representative in Infinity Abroad will contact you promptly with more information and a full application form.

    How Infinity Abroad screens and selects eligible participants?

    Infinity Abroad will conduct a personal interview to ensure that the program is suitable to your background, expectations, and experience according (but not limited to) the criteria defined below.

    • Student Status/ academic background
    • English proficiency
    • Age limit
    • Location Interest
    • Job interest

  • What is the definition of “student”?

    You must be pursuing a full-time diploma, degree or post-graduate course in a university/college outside the U.S. You may be a final year student, a foreign student studying locally, or a local student studying internationally outside the U.S., provided you meet all the eligibility requirements.

  • I just graduated. Can I join Work & Travel USA?

    We are unable to accept you for the program if you did not register for the program BEFORE the end of your studies (not convocation ceremony).

  • How good does my English have to be?

    You do not have to be an excellent English speaker but you must possess at least conversational English skills and be able to communicate comfortably on your own in a complete English speaking environment. The level of your English language knowledge plays a large part in placement options. You must undergo an English screening interview with Infinity Abroad to determine your English level and accordingly define what types of job functions would be best suited for you.

  • How old do I need to be?

    You must be between the ages of 18 and 28 years old.

  • Can I choose where I will live/work?

    Many employers provide housing or housing assistance as a part of your job. You will be given at least one housing option in addition to your job placement if your housing is not provided by your employer. Infinity Abroad will work with your host company to determine to best available housing and we will make sure you have this information at the time of your placement.


  • Does the program fee include housing?

    No. Most employer pre-arrange housing for our participants. You will be paying for your own rent when living in the USA. Having said so, there are certain employers that may provide free housing. Housing rent information is disclosed on the employer’s job description.

  • Can I change my residence during my program?

    This depends on the terms and the arrangements you made with your employment agreement. Your agreement might have included pre-arranged accommodations in which case, you will not be allowed to seek other housing, unless your employer allows you to do so. If your housing is self-arranged, you are allowed to change, but it also depends on your housing agreements with the landlord. At all times, keep your sponsor informed of any changes of your housing locations.

  • Why can’t I move out now, I found something cheaper?

    Since you arranged to secure your housing in advance, you are making a legal commitment. If you break this commitment, or leave, you will lose your deposit and risk facing legal action.

  • Why do I need to pay a cleaning fee?

    A cleaning fee is usually required to have professional cleaning of carpets and furniture done after your departure. It is normal to include this type of fee when a property is rented for 3 or more months.

  • What is self-arranged housing?

    Some employers do not provide housing. In this case, you are responsible for finding and securing your accommodation for your stay in the USA. If an employer does not provide housing, it will be disclosed on the employer’s job description.

Working & Living in the United States

  • Can I choose where I will live/work?

    Many employers provide housing or housing assistance as a part of your job. You will be given at least one housing option in addition to your job placement if your housing is not provided by your employer. Infinity Abroad will work with your host company to determine to best available housing and we will make sure you have this information at the time of your placement.

  • How am I getting from the airport to my housing/workplace?

    If your employer will not be picking you up at the airport, you are responsible to plan your own transportation method to go to your housing/ workplace. Infinity Abroad will work with your host company to determine to best way to travel to your employer destination, and we will make sure you have this information at the time of your placement.

  • How much money should I bring with me to the United States?

    Infinity Abroad encourages you to bring a minimum of USD500 to cover initial expenses such as rental, housing deposit and meals. This is important, as you may not receive your first pay check until after you’ve been working for two weeks.

  • What if I am injured or ill while working on my job in the United States?

    You will be covered by workers’ compensation benefits provided by your host company.

  • What if I am injured or get sick outside of work while in the United States?

    You are required to purchase a medical insurance policy before leaving for the United States at a minimum cost. The insurance will cover for sickness or accident during the entire program participation. For the details on insurance coverage, please refer to the insurance policy that you signed/will be signing during your application.

  • When will my medical insurance expire?

    Your insurance coverage ends on the end date on your DS-2019 form.

Social Security Card Information

  • What is a Social Security Card?

    The Social Security Card contains your Social Security Number (SSN), which is issued to our participants in the USA during the program. The SSN is a national identification number for taxation and other purposes related to your J-1 program.

    You need a SSN to open a bank account in the USA, to deposit your paychecks.

  • How do I apply for a Social Security Card?

    The Social Security Card is applied after you arrive in the USA and started your program. We provide further information on Social Security during your pre-departure orientation briefing.

  • What if my Social Security Card is lost/stolen?

    It is very important to keep your social security card and number safe in your possession. SSNs are frequently used in identity theft cases. If you realized your social security card is lost or stolen, please report to the authorities and your visa sponsor immediately.

Traveling in the United States

  • How long can I travel in the USA after my work?

    After your work ends, you have a 30-day grace period for travelling within the USA. You need to depart from the USA before this grace period is up.

    During this 30-day grace travel period, if you leave the USA, you will not be allowed to re-enter the USA.

  • Where am I allowed to travel during this grace travel period?

    You are free to travel anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

  • Can I take a cruise trip during this grace travel period?

    You can. However, please exercise caution – if the cruise itinerary involves stopping in other countries (or islands that belong to other countries), you may face problems re-entering the United States.

  • Does my program insurance cover this grave travel period?

    Your program insurance generally covers your program dates, i.e. work start and end dates. During your program, you should contact your visa sponsor to request an insurance extension to cover your 30-day grace travel period.

Post Program

  • Do I have to file income tax for the money I earned in the United States?

    Yes. Everyone who works in the USA will need to file federal and state (if any) taxes. Tax filing season generally starts on January the next year. We will provide further guidance on how to do so, when the time comes.

  • Do I have to pay income tax?

    Generally, our participants pay 10% federal income tax and a small percentage of state income tax (if applicable). When you receive your paycheck, a certain percentage of your salary is already withheld by the employer for tax purposes. Therefore, when the time comes for you to do your tax filing, you may have little to no income tax to pay, or even receive a refund from the IRS.

  • Can I hire a tax expert to do my taxes?

    Yes. Infinity Abroad partners with a professional tax agency called Sprintax, who assists our participants with tax filing every year.