Who We Are

The Team

Young, enthusiastic youth just like yourselves!
Passionate in creating opportunities for overseas youth travel and work exchange.

The Mission

To inspire, empower and connect people in the global community – one person at a time.

The Advantage

Our experienced professionals provide support to each student with unparalleled levels of guidance and counselling.

Our Values


With first-hand knowledge in living, working and travelling overseas, we provide guidance beyond formalities – as a friend.


We are young, motivated adventure-seekers just like you, and we certainly know how you can make the most fun out of your overseas experience.


No fuss, no hidden charges along the way.


We manage a diverse portfolio of programs, with a multitude of placement options across the United States, Canada & more.


Our programs are accredited by the U.S. Department of State, Malaysian Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Receive an invaluable recommendation from your host employer, program sponsor and Infinity Abroad to boost your CV.


We are your counsellors and will guide you along the way for a peace of mind during your life-changing overseas experience.


We strive to provide excellent service in terms of the timeliness & quality of work, professional ethics, and personalized service.